lawn maintenance
Lawn maintenance

Lawn maintenance is much more general than lawn care, focusing more on the appearance of your lawn than health. It includes landscaping in that landscaping considers the shape of the lawn, the general care of flower beds, and overall appearance. Lawn maintenance is tiring work, requires a good eye, properties looking inviting and profesional inside and out.

Sprinklers Repair
Sprinklers Repair

A malfunctioning sprinkler system can cause tons of damage and money: a sprinkler that won’t turn on can ruin and brown your landscape and a leaky system can overwater your plants, increase your water bills, and even cause water damage. If you are in need of sprinkler repairs, turn to experts you know you can rely on. Leaks, broken heads, controller issues, dry patches, and even electrical malfunctions—our techs are trained and equipped to find and fix whatever is disrupting your sprinkler performance.


Pruning helps your landscape flourish by addressing architectural tree care concerns such as tree risk, structural integrity, shape and appearance. Tree care services performed by highly trained field crews to enhance the natural beauty of your trees and shrubs, helping to preserve their strength, stature, and seasonal character.

power wash
Power wash

Power washing / pressure washing services can go a long way in restoring the exterior beauty of your home. You may not even realize how much dirt, grime, and debris have built up around your patio, deck, house siding, or walkways. With our skilled handymen on the job, your home will start to look like new in no time at all. We can power wash a broad range of exterior areas around your home, reducing wear and tear on your property and providing a beautiful appearance.

Tree services

Tree removal is difficult and dangerous work. Safely remove trees with a licensed, certified arborist and trained technicians without endangering people or damaging surrounding property. Our certified arborists are trained in the art and science of planting and maintaining your trees while also helping to reduce your property’s liability risk. Our team can care for your trees through all stages of its life from planting, pruning, cabling, relocation, and removal.


Mulching is a great way to freshen up a landscape. From an aesthetic standpoint, mulching creates a tidy manicured appearance to a property. A fresh layer of mulch around the landscape is can increase curb appeal in a flash.
Mulching is the process of applying a layer of wood chips to soil surrounding trees, shrubs, bushes, and flowers. Mulch helps moderate soil temperature to help plants survive extreme weather. Mulch provides important cultural advantages to a landscape.
A proper layer of mulch can reduce weeds, conserve moisture by reducing water loss by evaporation, enhance root growth by cooling the root system in the summertime, extend root growth through the fall, and reduce soil erosion by preventing soil movement.

jaimes stone work service
Stone Work

Stone Work is the craft of shaping rough pieces of rock into accurate geometrical shapes, at times simple, but some of considerable complexity, and then arranging the resulting stones, often together with mortar, to form structures. Moss Rock Flagstone Cobblestone Walls, Patios Natural Stone Any variety of stone work.


Growing a lawn from grass seed takes patience, effort and the right weather conditions. Why not get a great-looking lawn now with sod installation from The Grounds Guys? Our sod installation experts have years of experience in nurturing gorgeous, healthy lawns for our customers. For sod lawn installation you can trust, look no further than The Grounds Guys near you.


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